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Hey there!

We're Aryn & Shawna.

If you're an avid Chick Fil A-goer then we'll pry be your perfect match. 

Aryn was born and raised in central Iowa and has always had a passion for all things design and marketing. She graduated from Upper Iowa University with a Bachelors in Business Finance and currently is the Director of Communication & Design for a company that provides benefits to employees. With over 5 years of experience in this industry, she also does photography & videography full time outside of her job, and enjoys getting to bring out her love for design in all her photos and videos she creates. In her free time she enjoys spending time with friends & family, and her sweet pup Millee!

Shawna was born in Texas and raised in central Iowa and currently works full time as a photographer and also full time wrangling her 4 kids. Shawna has over 10 years of photography experience and also has a college degree in health care administration. Creating memories through photos for families and individuals is something that she is passionate about. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband, kids, family and friends and her chocolate lab Ace.

We live for those magical moments that make us feel alive inside.


5 facts about us

We could literally eat Chick Fil A for every meal

We were raised 15 miles away from each other but didn't meet until adulthood

We both love a good iced white chocolate mocha

Shawna has 6 siblings and Aryn has 1

We both loveeee dogs!

5 facts about us

that matter when it comes to wedding photography

We can create a wedding day timeline in our sleep

We can work in any lighting situation

We have done over 200 weddings so we know everything that goes into a wedding and how wedding days work

We can wrangle groomsmen and get them to smile

We can lead family photos like you've never seen before



We couldn't have done it without their team.

- Melissa & Parker


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